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"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." - Jack Kornfield

Welcome to my virtual waiting room!

This Telehealth service is available to enable you to access therapy services when are unable to make it in person or if you prefer to meet remotely. Please read and provide consent to telehealth as an acceptable mode for your therapy before your first telehealth appt. 

  • You have the right to withhold or withdraw consent to telehealth at any time. 

  • All laws regarding confidentiality and your right to medical infomration pply to telehealth. Exceptions to confidentiality apply where there are mandatory and permissive exceptions. Those include but are not limitied to reporting child, elder or dependet adult abuse, expressed threats of violence towards and identifiable victim, and where you might make your mental or emotional state an issue in a legal proceeding. 

  • Nothing shall preclude you from receiving in-person health care delivery services during a specified course of health care and treatment after agreeing to receive services via telehealth

  • You must reside in California to participate in  psychological therapy via telehealth with me. 

  • Telehealth is a "Synchronous interaction" meaning a real-time interaction between a patient and a health care provider located at a distant site.

  • Fees for services and cancellations are the same as in person sessions. 

I’ll be with you soon.

Warmly,  Dr Gia Marson



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